About Me

Greetings and welcome. My name is Rachel Donné. I’m a seeker of knowledge and universal truths. Few things in this world have brought me more joy, then pondering the big, unexplainable questions. Why are we here, where did we come from, what is the nature of reality?

I started my journey as a child by diving deep into the religion of my upbringing. Christianity offered comfort and an easing into what comes after death, but I found the doctrine lacking. Many lessons ended in little more than “because that’s how it is.” Much of what they taught about morality was tempered by fear. This ideology never sat well with me.

For many years after, I proceeded to bounce around to different western and eastern religions, comparing the similarities and difference in their stories about what makes us human. They all offered their own perspectives, but in the end, I still felt a hollowness; like I was only being shown half-truths.

Soon, I turned to physics and began to build my world view around the scientific method. I learned about atoms and waves that become particles just by observing them. I walked far down the road of science, tossing aside the mystical wisdom I’d learned, thinking that now, finally, I’d found the right path. Unfortunately, even science has its limits. I again found myself facing a wall, never quite hearing the whole story of reality.

For the last several years, I have found myself more urgently, persistently, interested in understanding the truth about the structure of our universe and how life plays into it. I’ve read many books and discovered many different perspectives on the subject, from the strictly scientific, to the outright spiritual. My goal now is not to take sides. I want to keep an open heart and mind to all possible conclusion to the most important questions facing us as a society.

This blog is a collection of ideas and concepts about the nature of the universe. I hope to start conversations, gather more perspectives, and maybe broaden my mind and the minds of anyone who stumbles across these words.

Thanks for joining me here! Let’s figure out the cosmos together.

Everything is Meaningful