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My Role:

I’ve been illustrating professionally for over twelve years, and in that time, have had an opportunity to come into my style. My work is bright and colorful. It’s animals, abstract art, mandalas & sacred geometry. I love taking the small details of life and blowing them up into hallucinogenic proportions. My goal is to create work that demands attention and draws people into the beauty of life that is already around them.

Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Project: Psychedelic Illustrations

These were contract projects that required detailed and interesting abstract designs that could be viewed from several angles. I developed a series of colorful, psychedelic patterns that were used across a variety of products.

Project: Spirit Animals

This was a private collection of designs that revolved around the theme of spirit animals. I wanted to portray a colorful and whimsical world that could exist just beyond our line of sight.

Project: Onboarding Character

I created a series of illustrations for a previous portfolio piece that involved a girl with her pet owl. This style was developed as an example onboarding character, that would help to entertain users as they walked through the first experiences of a website or software suite.

My Role:

Contact Designer

About The Project:

This was an illustration created for a friend who desired a unique take on the Harry Potter brand. It was utilized for a private party invitation.

Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator

My Role:

UI Visual Designer

About the Project:

My primary position with Bunchball was Visual Designer, however, during my time the team was developing a mobile version of our application to allow for more flexibility among our larger clients. I took on the role of UI designer, creating the interface and visual aspects of the app, including banners, iconography, and profile images.

Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch

Portfolio: Blog2
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