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Platt Electric Supply, Rexel USA

My Role:

Senior UX Designer

About The Project:

For the development of our new eCommerce store at Platt Electric, I was tasked with the quick visualization of our site from mobile to desktop. I used Balsamiq to rapidly prototype dozens of layouts. I created a system of modules that could be used for a variety of situations and would keep the user experience consistent across both the mobile and desktop flows.

Tools Used:

Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop

Case Study: Redesign of company home page with mobile use in mind.

Problem: We have weekly sales and other specials that require quick swapping of what is being featured on the home page.

Solution: Through rapid prototyping, I designed a series of small components for both mobile and desktop experience that would allow for variety of products services to be easily features and swapped out from various sections of the page. These components could be reused and moved to various places around the website, creating visual consistency and helping to set up user expectations.

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