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My Role:

Visual Designer

About The Project:

Bunchball is an e-learning platform and software suite designed to increase awareness and engagement among employees within large corporations. I was responsible for all graphics related to the e-learning software packages for our clients. This included all iconography which was used as badges and learning incentives. Each client required a different theme, and I’ve included examples from several of these here. I was also responsible for any additional advertising fliers and email images, and copy required for promoting our program within the client’s internal teams.

A large portion of work within Bunchball was user adoption. I created infographics and tutorials with colorful incentivizing reward systems to help encourage regular platform use. I helped to identify personas and create custom onboarding experiences that helped users visualize how the Bunchball product could work for their induvial situations.

Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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