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Leadership & Team Management

  • Experience leading a team of 5 designers through the UX process including research, UX problem recognition, users flows, visual design, and final production

  • Ran weekly meetings, backlog reviews, retrospectives and collaboration sessions

  • Created and assigned Jira tickets and wrote acceptance criteria.

  • Experience presenting ideas to stakeholders and receiving feedback

  • Experience with project backlog creation, user stories, effort pointing, and prioritization

  • Cross-functional team collaboration experience, joining efforts with industrial design, marketing, and legal

UI & UX Design

  • Expert knowledge of the mobile and desktop UI/UX development process

  • Expert knowledge of Sketch, Figma, and Balsamiq prototyping software

  • Refined prototypes, sketches, wireframes, and storyboards for mobile IOS, Android and desktop projects

  • Worked on both customer-facing and b2b projects

  • Visualized UI interaction design, and aligned usability needs with the information presented

  • Worked closely with Scrum Masters within an Agile environment

  • Worked directly with developers to refine and implement new features

  • Showed changes to business interests through hosting presentations

  • Prepared UI concepts for development with detailed instructions and templates

  • Worked quickly to update and add new features to user experience based on feedback

  • Produced countless UI elements including iconography, navigation elements, infographics, and high-fidelity mockups

Visual & Brand Design

  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

  • Created fully rendered, custom vector illustrations for use on apparel, book covers, and other products

  • Developed style guides highlighting company logo, color schemes, and font usage

  • Developed business cards, email templates and other branded material

  • Designed a suite of marketing items: fliers, posters, tablecloths, food packaging and wall art

  • Created dozens of fully rendered vector illustrations


Nautilus, Inc./ Senior User Experience Designer 

November 2021 - February 2023, Vancouver, WA 

I help to create an intuitive user experience for the next generation of in-home workout equipment. I collaborate with market researchers to help identify the needs of our core users, walking through their struggles and identify ways to improve our products and services. 

I led a team of designers through creation of user research, UX flows, video prototypes, low and high resolution mock ups of new features and UX concepts. I meet with teams from across the company to present our UX decisions and help back up our findings with user research, analytics and interviews. 

Platt Electric Supply / Senior User Experience Designer 

December 2018 - October 2021, Beaverton, OR 

I was on a small team of UX designers, helping to direct the user experiences of a suite of B2B sales and marketing tools for Platt Electronic Supply. I was also a key player in the complete redesign of the company's consumer facing online storefront. We worked to roll-out our designs not only across the current Platt user base, but also to the businesses and customers of our new parent company, Rexel USA. 


Bunchball, Inc. / Visual UI | UX Designer 

May 2017 - April 2018, Beaverton, OR 

Designing within our proprietary software and other industry platforms, I helped to translate our client's gamification needs into innovative design solutions that stay true to their brand identity. 

I created the visual strategy for quick turnaround of client badges and other assets, as well as develop unique and custom designs where applicable. In addition, I worked with our client's internal UI/UX teams to help with Bunchball API integration when using custom platforms. 

Along with client work, I was responsible for the evolution and upkeep of the Bunchball internal brand design, working with the marketing department on visual communications and supporting a wide variety of requests for visual assets across different business units. 


Nourish Technology / Visual Designer |Brand Designer 

July 2016 - October 2016, Mountain View, CA 

I designed marketing material, branding, and other visual elements for Nourish Technology and their flagship brand, BreakfastBox. 

My work included designing printed elements such as flyers, posters, and paper bags. I also developed a style guide and visual identity for the BreakfastBox brand. I created a series of fliers, posters, and stickers for the event as well as some more unique marketing products. These included tablecloths, food packaging, and wall decals for the location.


Western Digital/ Visual UI |UX Designer 

August 2014 - April 2015, Mountain View, CA 

Using Agile principles, I collaborated with the UX & Design team to improve the look and feel of the Western Digital My Cloud brand. I designed key UI elements for the My Cloud iOS app and, in doing so, revitalized the user onboarding flow and file sharing experience. My responsibilities extended to the envisioning of info graphs to concisely communicate hardware and software functionality to the users. I also produced fully rendered vector illustrations for marketing campaigns.

Playdom | Disney Interactive / UI Designer 

February 2012 - March 2014, Palo Alto, CA 

I had the privilege of coaching the initial visual direction of the iOS game title: 

STARPG. I piloted the early concepts for the user experience and interface 

designs by means of setting objective and strategic goals. 

I was responsible for the complete redesign of the popular title Sorority Life. I 

accomplished 13 new in-game 'travel locations' with a detail oriented design 

process that fit the overall style of the game. This included creating flash banners, buttons, backgrounds, fonts, color scheme, and consumable assets. I was able to dynamically develop consistent high quality material which greatly affected the 

overall look and feel of the game. / Graphic Designer 

December 2007 - January 2012, Redwood City, CA 

I worked with well-known clients such as Disney, Lucas, and Nickelodeon to 

develop custom Zazzle e-commerce storefronts, virtual products, and marketing 

material for their creative assets. I also directed website and interface design 

mock-ups as needed. 

In addition, I led a team of committed designers through the development 

procedure. During this time, I trained each team member and assured their 

designs were consistent with the Art Director's vision. I articulated their daily 

tasks and provided feedback on their progress. 




Bowling Green State University / BFA 

Bowling Green, OH 

At Bowling Green, I enjoyed 4 wonderful years of creativity, growth, and friendship. I met some fantastic people, many of whom I am still in contact with today. I enjoyed exploring a variety of avenues for digital art. Many of the skills I learned in class, and in my spare time, I have applied to jobs in ways I never thought possible. I continue to learn and grow today, using the passion for design and computer graphics that began at school.

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