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Rachel Donne


A Bit About Me

I have 14+ years of combined experience in UI/UX, visual design, branding, graphic design, and illustration. Let's create something together!

Keith Conley, Bunchball

"Rachel consistently impressed internal and external audiences with with her graphical acumen. While pulled in a variety of directions and various formats, she was a source of continuity. Simplicity and grace are hallmarks of her creative outputs. She’s also an eager team-player capable and willing to engage and accept input from individuals at a variety of levels."

Patrick Millegan, Playdom

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Rachel on multiple projects at Disney Interactive. Rachel is a very talented UI Artist who continually is expanding her skill set in order to create the best UI for the product she has worked on. I’ve very much enjoyed the work she has produced, and am positive it’s just the beginning of more incredible work to follow."

Jonathan Wood, Zazzle

"Rachel meets every challenge with extraordinary care and versatility. She is an incredible designer, as well as a natural leader; her independence, initiative and the consistent quality of her contributions allow Rachel to excel in any setting."
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