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Rachel Donné

Lead UX Designer

Understand. Connect. Design.

I have over 15 years of expertise in crafting user-focused digital products. Amidst the rapid changes in the digital realm, my dedication lies in designing solutions that cater to immediate requirements while nurturing enduring customer connections.


Leadership & Team Management

  • Led my team of designers through the UX process: research, problem-solving, user flows, visual design, and production.

  • Directed meetings, backlog, retrospectives, and collaboration sessions.

  • Presented ideas to stakeholders, integrating feedback.

  • Managed project backlog, user stories, effort pointing, and prioritization.

  • Collaborated cross-functionally: industrial design, marketing, and legal.

UI & UX Design

  • Expert in mobile/desktop UI/UX development.

  • Proficient in Sketch, Figma, Balsamiq

  • Produced prototypes, wireframes, storyboards for mobile, desktop.

  • Worked on customer-facing, B2B projects.

  • Aligned UI with usability needs.

  • Collaborated with Scrum Masters in Agile settings.

  • Worked directly with developers on feature implementation.

  • Demonstrated changes to business interests through presentations.

  • Prepared UI concepts with detailed instructions.

  • Reacted quickly to feedback, updating features.

Visual Design

  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, & Premiere Pro 

  • Created custom vector illustrations for various products.

  • Developed style guides for company branding.

  • Designed marketing materials: fliers, posters, packaging, wall art.

  • Produced numerous fully rendered vector illustrations. 

  • Produced UI elements: icons, navigation, infographics, mockups.

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