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Rachel Donné

Lead UX Designer

Gear Launch

Gear Launch

Creating WWE wrestling merch and other fan centered designs for bigger brands

Customizing product for existing IP requires much research into the brand guidelines and history to ensure that your designs flow well with the rest of the brands product offerings. 


The concept here was to bring more brand awareness to the local WWE chapters and allow for more tailored merchandise opportunities. The project spanned 25 cities. I developed a series of repeatable designs, as well as custom cityscape designs for several of the larger locations.


For the NFL, I worked on a project that involved developing designs for fans who no longer live in the same area as their favorite team. We devised the "Adopted Fan" concept to create custom designs for fans living in a variety of locations.

IMGUR was promoting a "Love for Your Bros" event and required custom merchandise. I developed a design using their giraffe with a tophat mascot fist-bumping a friend.

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