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Rachel Donné

Lead UX Designer

Leadership Opportunity

For this project, I had an opportunity to take on a leadership role within the Nautilus strength UX design team. I was taken out of direct design work and instead spent my time in creative sessions with my team. I worked with them to develop proper stories in Jira that would reflect the best updates for our users. I held multiple meetings with stakeholders and other teams, representing strength UX design and our initiatives. I learned quickly to self-organize and take feedback as opportunity to grow my skills and knowledge.

Onboarding Tools

Problem: Introduce the user to the new tools for strength form and rep tracking and retriever their initial fitness data.


Solution: In order to familiarize users with our new features, we developed a 2-minute set of tutorials that were presented to them before their first workout. This insured fast onboarding and that the user would not miss the fact that new tools were now available.


Previously, we required users to do a fitness assessment test before they did their first work out in order to obtain their initial weight data for our algorithm. This was frustrating to some users as they wanted to get started right away. So instead, we added a quick 4 question survey after our tutorial video, that allowed the user to quickly self-asses their fitness level, get us the data we needed, and get them into their workout quickly and smoothly.

Vision System

Problem: Users did not understand when the vision system was tracking them.


Solution: In addition to showing the user with a moving skeleton on top of their video, we brainstormed several solutions to keeping them aware of when the system was tracking them properly, even when standing far away from their device. After some user testing, we settled on a bright white out line that circles the user video, accompanied by a searching sound effect. Once the system finds the user and begins tracking, the white stops moving, becomes a sold square and is accompanied by a success sound effete.


Example in-workout experience with visualization of user position.

Problem: Sometimes the vision system may miscount, or the user would like to make manual changes to their reps and weight.


Solution: We implemented a screen in-between round of workout that allows the user to view from afar what weight and reps were captured from the previous round. The build in voice over than gives them the options to update with voice any set they choose. If they say nothing the screen automatically continues to the next round after a short time. The goal of this was to allow users insight into their stats, allow changes with minimal interruption to the workout.

Updating Data

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