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Rachel Donné

Lead UX Designer

The Power of Positioning Statements: How to Craft a Winning Message

One powerful tool used alongside UX strategy is the position statement. These are a brief description of a product or service and an explanation of how it fulfills a particular need of the target market. Often, a company may present an idea for a new product or service, and the marketing team needs help understanding how to sell it to the public. Their job is to align their efforts with the company brand.

Within UX, a position statement can be great for helping to understand the intended user and then designing the experience portion of the project to fit the target audience best. Below is an example positioning statement for a company launching a new app.

Spinning Wheel, Inc., a bicycle company, is creating a new app to allow users to track their rides. This app features specific races and group activities sponsored by Spinning Wheel, Inc. This app will enable users to connect to these races and activities, get updates on the latest events, and register to win prizes.

As a UX designer, I now know that users who want to use this app will need the ability to connect through profile updates and messages, the calendar features to track races and events, and potentially GPS features to track their bike rides in real-time.

A team can help clarify a business ask with real market cases through a few simple sentences. The UX team can also begin designing features that reflect stakeholder and user needs. Position statements are a great way to start a project with UX thinking and strategy.

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