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Rachel Donné

Lead UX Designer



Compliance training is boring. We worked to keep corporate employees up-to-date with all the latest regulations, but with a fun twist.

Each client required a different theme, and I’ve included examples from several of these here. I was also responsible for any additional advertising fliers and email images, and copy required for promoting our program within the client’s internal teams.


A large portion of work within Bunchball was user adoption. I created infographics and tutorials with colorful incentivizing reward systems to help encourage regular platform use. I helped to identify personas and create custom onboarding experiences that helped users visualize how the Bunchball product could work for their induvial situations.


My primary role with Bunchball was Visual Designer, however, during my time the team was developing a mobile version of our application to allow for more flexibility among our larger clients. I took on the role of UI designer, creating the interface and visual aspects of the app, including banners, iconography, and profile images.

UI Design

Case Study: Template mobile design required for client show and tell.


Solution: I developed a working prototype of a template company complete with logo, branding, and iconography design to help walk new customer's through our features and how they are utilized within a mobile experience. This helped with comprehension of our options and drove interest and sales in our more complicated features.

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