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Rachel Donné

Lead UX Designer

Millennium Falcon

Disney Interactive


Incorporating a beloved franchise into a new mobile gaming experience is a wonderful challenge.

Research can be fun! Watching each previous film and studying the layers of visual design gave me a whole new appreciation for the series. After the small gaming studio Playdom was purchased by Disney, many new IP opportunities were presented to the team.  

Unique Menu

Designing for a future that is in disrepair requires a delicate balance of rust and neon. You want the interface to feel sci-fi and otherworldly, but at the same time, it must feel very used and upgraded with spare parts only. 

Class and Rank

It was a challenge to develop a series of class badges for each type of fighter in the game that had their own personality, while still living in the Star Wars universe. I went through many iterations of these icons before landing on a set that felt right,


With so many types of currency in game, I needed each type to stand on its own. Not just with color and symbol, but with a unique form, material, and perceived value. 

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